On-site X-Rays

Welcome to the future of radiology. We provide x-rays done right in our offices, digitally, with no time spent waiting for them to be developed the traditional way. Digital X-rays give our doctors and physicians instant access to your images, and if needed, they can be sent electronically to a radiologist that can usually respond in only 3 to 4 days.

Not only do you get the results in record time, but you are exposed to a fraction of the radiation emitted by traditional x-rays—as much as a 90% reduction!

All of this technology reduces the margin of error, drastically cuts your appointment time and allows you to walk out of your appointment with an electronic copy of your x-ray images. Just like digital cameras changed the way we take photographs, digital x-rays are changing the way, or at the very least the speed, in which we can diagnose internal problems. No more film. No live x-rays. No problems.

Our office is set up for full torso skeletal x-rays as well as weight bearing exams.

While we can only provide x-rays for patients 18 and older, we do have same day appointments available and our x-ray technicians are here from 7:30am to 5pm.