“ I LOVE this doctor!!!! I have gone to him for the last ten years or so and he is sincere, helpful and honestly cares about his patients. His office hours are PHENOMINAL!! Where else can you get a 7am appointment on a Monday morning?? I can not speak more highly of Dr. Marsh and feel so, so lucky to have found him and be one of his patients.”

“ Victoria Chan was amazing!! I highly recommend her. She was very attentive, patient, and took her time with me. I’m use to so many doctors trying to rush through everything so they can see another patient. Not the case with Victoria! She really went above and beyond. Definitely will be back.”

“ Victoria Chan was professional, knowledgeable, kind, caring and went above and beyond the call of duty. She is absolutely wonderful!”

“ My appointment with Samantha was one of the most relaxing and pleasant doc appointment I’ve had in a long time. Especially considering it was an OBGYN appt. She is very caring, quite knowledgeable and was very concerned and willing, and did, go the extra mile.”

“ Dear Dr. Stark,

I wanted to thank you for the care and understanding that you have given me. Coming to you for pain management was the best decision I have ever made.

When I first came to see you I was taking 7-8 extra strength Vicodin and 4-5 350 mg Somas a day. At that time you told me that the amount of Tylenol that I was consuming was enough for five people. That scared the daylights out of me knowing that this was not only affecting my kidneys, but also my liver.”

“ Dr. Lloyd is a wonderful doctor. I’ve been seeing him for a few years now. He always takes his time, answers every question I have, even the silly ones. He is kind and caring and always try’s to give me the best cure first without resorting to medication unless necessary. I can easily call and get a same day appt., especially when I am sick and the staff are lovely and helpful.”

“ I have been seeing Dr. Geoffrey Lloyd, D.O. for over one year now. Dr. Lloyd is calm, concerned, caring and compassionate! He is a thorough clinician, who has personally called me with tests and physicals results, on a number of occasions, over the past 15 months. During my hospitalizations, he visited me several times and was so reassuring while completely and thoroughly explaining what I would face during my hospital stay. I totally appreciate the generous time he takes with me either in the office or the hospital bed.

Additionally, I have found the office staff to be friendly and courteous!”

“ I have been with Dr. Marsh for 7 years and can’t say enough positive things about the man. I can always get an appointment and very rarely does a Dr. take the time to call you himself to let you know your test results were fine! His office is now paperless, so they pull up your entire file when you are being seen and he often reviews past diagnosis to ensure he is being thorough.”

“ Dr. Marsh is fantastic. He always makes time for me when I need it. I can discuss anything with him. He always explains things and I feel like I can always count on him. He has been my primary doctor for 8 years and I can’t imagine going to anyone else. I highly recommend him.”

“ I arrived 10-15 minutes before my appointment and sat there for 5 minutes and was already called in. Amazing. At others previous places i’ve been, even with an appointment, I would have to wait 30-60+ minutes. Not sure if it’s always like this since it was my first time. But for sure I thought there would be a lot higher wait-time for a Friday since a lot of people usually want to check out any small issue they have before the weekend. Jose, very nice and friendly person, I wish there was more people like him around. Even after having a bad week he is the kind of person you enjoy seeing and within only seconds made my day slightly brighter. Not only the Dr. Jose but also the nurses were friendly. The location itself, spacious room to sit away from other customers. Good TV and channels. Thank you, I will happily recommend this facility to any other friends and family!”

“ I filled out my new patient stuff, met with the doctor, had blood drawn, got prescriptions/samples, and had an ultrasound all in 1 hour. I’ve never seen that in a doctor’s office before. But besides that, Dr. Hernandez is SO nice. He is comforting and puts a lot of effort into his patients. I went in feeling scared but he made me feel so much better with his positive reassuring presence. Would definitely recommend.”

“ Brilliant, per usual. I really can’t say enough about how great he is. He sees the big picture and really, genuinely cares about you. I have been to five doctors in LA, and he is the only who I can say this about. He LISTENS to you, which is so incredibly rare. He makes me feel at ease and makes sure I’m taken care of in the best possible way. And when he isn’t 100% sure, he refers you to a great specialist. I’ve had a doctor put me on terrible medication when he wasn’t sure if it was the right idea, so I’m so happy that Dr. Hernandez has the competency to get another opinion. Go to him. He’s the best.”

“ My appointment with Samantha was one of the most relaxing and pleasant doc appointment I’ve had in a long time. Especially considering it was an OBGYN appt. She is very caring, quite knowledgeable and was very concerned and willing, and did, go the extra mile.”

“ I just adore Samantha. Her bedside manner is superb and she has the sunniest disposition.”